In 2010, Medicine Chest Pharmacy and Camera celebrated its 80th Anniversary.  The store was originally opened in 1930 by Harry Williams, under the name Williams Drug Store and was located at 607 Fourth Street (a few doors down from its current location).

In 1949 the store was sold to Harold Hall who changed the name to Hall Drug.  In 1969 the store was sold to Harvey Lillestol, who operated it under the name Hall Drug until 1973 when he had a new building constructed and moved the store to its current location, calling it The Medicine Chest Pharmacy.

In 1977 the store was sold to Richard Sundt.  With his expertise in photography he began selling cameras and changed the name to Medicine Chest Pharmacy and Camera.  In 1984 Richard opened a photo lab within Medicine Chest, called Sun Color Photo.

Our goal at Medicine Chest is to provide our customers with the best customer service possible.  We believe that independent pharmacies, such as ourself, have the ability to provide patients with better, more personalized care.  We are looking forward to serving the community for another 80 years!